Timely garage door repair is absolutely essential because an open or unlocked garage door is a terrible security risk. Getting the door repaired often can be quite an expensive proposition. In fact, you should be able to deal with most minor issues on your own, thereby reducing the need for professional help. The following tips will help you save quite a bit of money on garage door repair costs:

1. Keep the area clean and free of obstacles: The tracks on which the door moves might become clogged with dirt and debris over time and should therefore be cleaned often. The rollers and hinges should also be kept lubricated using a high quality lubricant. Keep in mind that the track, chain and the chain rail should never be lubricated because this will result in the accumulation of more dirt.

2. Realign the sensors: The sensors can easily go out of alignment on account of frequent use and this will result in a blinking light. Alignment can be done manually. Problems can also be caused when the sensors are obstructed due to any reason. Dirt and moisture are common reasons for garage door repair Spanish Fork sensors not working.

3. Tighten any loose components: Any loose nuts and bolts can result in a great deal of noise when the door opener is in operation. Be sure to disconnect the power supply to the unit before you open it to make any repairs or else you might get injured.

4. Make adjustments for springs that have become loose: Springs become loose over time and as a result the door does not close or open completely. Adjusting the limit switch does help, but you could also have the springs changed entirely. It is best to get rid of very old springs or else there will be too much pressure on the motor.

The problems mentioned above are very common but you can see that they are fairly easy to deal with. You need to go over your garage door and its opening mechanism every four to six months in order to ensure that it is in great working condition. This will help you save quite a bit on garage door repair costs since you can avoid most major problems that require professional help. Even so, you should call in a reliable repair technician in case there is a problem that you are unable to handle so that your garage door is in good working condition.…